Visit a Circle


At Oasis Church, we live out the principles of Acts 2 (Found Here) in two ways: weekend worship gatherings, and in small group communities called Circles. We embrace a “both/and” approach, seeing the importance of both the large and small gatherings. Both serve an important purpose. One without the other will leave the believer incomplete and out of balance. Large group worship gatherings without involvement in a smaller setting makes it almost impossible to live out the word of God in community. On the other hand, smaller gatherings without the involvement in the larger gathering will cause the believer to be disconnected from the body at large and void of spiritual, biblical authority.

Part of the way we emulate the teachings in Acts 2:42-47 is by living out community in groups that meet weekly in our homes. During these Circle gatherings you will share a meal, study Scripture and engage in genuine conversation. These groups serve as an intimate source of encouragement and accountability. Circles are also outwardly focused and community driven, facilitating local and global ministry, while meeting the needs of the group and church as a whole.

Our house churches are spread throughout the community in East and West Ormond, Daytona, South Daytona, and Port Orange. For more information on Circles, contact

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are less structured, informal gatherings that provide a great opportunity to meet other people and just hang out. These groups generally happen anywhere from once a month to once per week. For more information, or to get details about the next get together click on a name below to email that groups contact person. They would love to invite you in!

Life Lessons Over Lunch

Life Lessons Over Lunch is an environment in which a group of people gathers over lunch and study through a topic or book. Life Lessons groups take practical biblical teaching about everyday challenges and introduce those concepts in a casual restaurant environment. They are perfect for those that can not attend an evening House Church gathering. They are also great for those who want to make a significant impact in the lives of the people they work with every day - simply invite them to lunch!