Oasis Youth

God has an incredible plan for the teens of Oasis! We believe God desires to use them to bring about life change in the Ormond Beach area and beyond. Jesus knew that teens who are filled with God could change the world. In fact, the majority of the twelve disciples were teenagers. Could God desire to change our city (and potentially the world) through our teens? We think so.
Our goal is to cultivate teens who will follow Jesus fully with a brave heart. Their lives are defined by movement, consistently progressing from where they currently are to where God wants them to be. Anchored Teens is designed for 6th–12th graders and provides a place for them to meet with God, build friendships with other teens, and connect with leaders who believe in them.

Invest in our Teens

In order to accomplish our mission, we need many individuals with varied skills and strengths who are willing to invest in the lives of the next generation. You could make a major difference in a teen’s life by sharing your time and talents. Whether you’d like to directly mentor and teach or help behind the scenes with parent support, food preparation, or event coordination (and the list goes on!), we need you. If you’d like to invest in our teen's lives, this is a great place to start!